Seafox 5

  • DanTysk
Specifications: Seafox 5

Seafox 5 is a four-legged, self-elevating, self-propelled DP2 jack-up unit for accommodation, construction, transportation, installation, maintenance, and well services. The unit was built to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) classification requirements. Seafox 5 is specifically designed to withstand harsh environment offshore conditions and is capable of operating throughout the year in water depths of up to 65 meters. The Seafox 5 has a crane capacity of 1,200 MT and is designed with a jacking system for quick and frequent use. 

The unit offers permanent accommodation for 150 Persons on Board (POB) and has an accepted UK Safety Case for accommodation, maintenance, and well-service activities in the Dutch and UK territories. A range of leisure facilities and health and well-being amenities allow for a pleasant experience for those on board.